Fadz Table


As a single table or a linked configuration, FADZ provides exceptional robust and sturdy platform for different applications - from a small meeting room to a large-scale conference layout. For companies that emphasize on high-level of quality and elegance, the FADZ Table Collection offer the ideal solution for the highest level of design quality and functionality.

Key features

  • Users have access to the power points through the socket mounted on the beam.
  • Wires can be easily channeled along the beam using clip-on cable holder.


Textile selection

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Stella Fabric

Laminate & Edge Trim selection

Solid Laminates
Woodgrain Laminates
Solid Edges
Woodgrain Edges

Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) Selection

Metallic RTF
Solid RTF
Woodgrain RTF

Metal Paints Selection

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